¿Cómo se hace la ropa con fibras de botellas PET recicladas?

How are clothes made with fibers from recycled PET bottles?

The production of clothing from recycled plastic bottles, especially PET (Polyester Terephthalic) bottles, is a multi-step process. The basic steps are as follows:

Collection: Recycled PET bottles are collected from different sources, such as recycling centers, landfills or waste collection programs.

Cleaning: The collected bottles are cleaned to remove impurities and debris. This includes the removal of labels, caps, and any other foreign material.

Crushing: Clean bottles are crushed into small fragments called "pellets" or "flakes."

Filtering and Sorting: The pellets are filtered and sorted by color and purity to ensure that only high quality plastic is used for the production of clothing.

Fusion: Pellets are melted at high temperatures to create a liquid mass.

Spinning: The liquid mass is spun to create polyester threads.

Weaving: Threads are woven or woven together to create cloth.

Garment: Fabrics are cut and sewn to create articles of clothing.

It is important to mention that the clothing production process from PET bottles has a lower environmental impact than the clothing production from new fibers. In addition, recycling PET bottles prevents them from ending up in landfills and contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.

That is one of the reasons why we decided to have our ecological line SALVA.