Terms of service

Hello! We welcome you to our website, we hope you live a unique experience and find in it the most important things for your happiness, feel comfortable and enjoy a different way of dressing.

Use Restrictions

When entering our website, virtual store or social networks, all the digital material you see, such as banners, images, photos, advertising, etc. It is owned by Manufacturas Punto Plano SAS and Pássaro. You can share it on a personal level, as family or friends, but not on a commercial level, we do not authorize you to copy or replicate the material since it is the intellectual property of our company.

Terms and policies of remote payments

Orders paid by Credit Card or Debit Card will be charged at the time the purchase is finalized. Orders paid in cash through correspondents, Efecty or Baloto, will have up to 24 (Twenty-four) hours to freeze your order, after this time the platform automatically releases the products reserved for your order, the order is completed when the correspondent confirms the payment. .

At Pássaro we control all orders placed in order to avoid abusive practices and fraudulent purchases. We reserve the right not to make a delivery or to process the order of a client who had not fully or partially paid for a previous order or in which there is a dispute with the holder of the Credit Card or Debit Card.

Difference in prices

Pássaro in all its sales channels always manage the same prices, however, depending on marketing strategies, such as cyber fashion among others, on some occasions there may be differences in prices, on our website, social networks or stores physical.

Difference in colors

Pássaro always seeks to show you the color closest to reality, however, due to external causes such as the exposure of light and shadows or the resolution and screen settings of your mobile, tablet or laptop, the colors may vary .

Typo errors

What does this refer to? As you know we are all human and we make mistakes or sometimes even the same machines do. Sometimes it may result in our website an error in the price, in percentage of discounts or description of the product or promotion. Manufacturas Punto Plano SAS and Pássaro have the right to cancel or reject your purchase or order, in the event that you have already made the payment in the next 5 business days, your money will be refunded.