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Weaving stories inspired by you is our way of telling you that this family tradition has been working for more than two decades to give you the best of us.

We started in Armenia Quindío as a satellite workshop that made other brands, but always with the desire to launch our own brand, we felt that we could go further, break paradigms and stereotypes that impose that a quality and exclusive garment has to be expensive. Our purpose has been to offer the opportunity to dress with exclusive designs that set trends, of quality and with fair prices.

At the end of the 90s, an earthquake in Armenia split our history in two, our warehouse was completely destroyed and we had to start from scratch. We had difficult times, but we were always clear that giving up was not an option. We arrived in Cali looking for a rebirth for our brand and we met wonderful people who opened the doors of their city to us from the first moment.

Today we are Pássaro, a modern, dynamic, daring, fresh, sober and very tasteful brand aimed at a female audience that dresses fashionably and wants to look sophisticated. We are happy to have taken this path towards the democratization of fashion and we are deeply grateful to all the collaborators and clients who are part of the Pássaro Family.