The boho style is the perfect result of a recipe that contains the right level of each ingredient: romanticism, comfort and originality.

A boho woman has a very personal style despite being defined as a type of look, since the characteristics that mark her are always unique in each person: creativity, freedom, relaxation and her own rules.

We are talking about a woman who dares to mix colors, eras, styles, fabrics, accessories... Always with an organic and natural result but with a wild character.

How to achieve a boho look?

Betting on rustic and artisan touches with pieces of yarn, denim or crochet. Patchwork and fringes are a bet that you can also take into account.

Flowy and long cuts that add movement to the free spirit of the boho look are always a good option. Skirts, dresses, overalls, blouses and kimonos are key garments.

In terms of color, the palette ranges from tan-brown to indigo blue.

Accessories cease to complement and become a key piece: hats, bags, cowboy boots...the more exotic and authentic, the better!

Clothes with peasant, medieval, gypsy touches are simply perfect! We are talking about skirts, Thai sarongs, vintage uniform jackets and even ponchos, which combined with basic garments will give us spectacular looks!